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Tip-Top restaurant began when the founder, Mr. Jangkie opened a bakery at Pandu Street in 1929. The store was named after the founder himself “Jangkie”. In 1934, Mr. Jangkie moved his bakery to Kesawan Street (The name is Ahmad Yani Street now) and changed his bakery name to Tip-Top Restaurant.

During Japan’s great invasion (1942-1945) the name “Tip-Top” was forbidden. Because of that, the founder changed back its name to “Jangkie”. Right after Indonesia’s declaration of independence in 1945, the founder switched the name back to Tip-Top Restaurant.

Time goes by but the restaurant retains the concept, tradition and old recipes from the old days for their customers. The memories of the restaurant are embedded along the walls of this beloved restaurant. Tip-Top is not only well-known of their delicious foods and cakes, but also is the part of the Indonesia’s historical heritage as it is one of the oldest restaurant in Indonesia.

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    "Tahun 1929 berada di jalan Pandu dengan nama Jangkie"

    "TipTop established under the name Jangkie in 1929 at Pandu Street"

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    "Stand TipTop ketika masih bernama jangkie saat mengikuti pasar malam di lapangan merdeka tahun 1929"

    "TipTop Restaurant established in 1929 under the name Jangkie Restaurant at nocturnal fair at Merdeka Square in 1929"

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    "TipTop Restaurant di Kesawan Tahun 1953"

    "TipTop Restaurant at Kesawan street in 1953"

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    "Barisan tentara sekutu ketika melintas di depan TipTop Restaurant pada tahun 1947"

    "ALLIED FORCES were marching in front of TipTop Restaurant in 1947"

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    "Jalan Kesawan tempo doeloe"

    "Kesawan ST. In The Old Days"

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    "Acara makan minum tempo doeloe di TipTop Restaurant"

    "Social gathering at tiptop restaurant in the old days"